What We Do

Executive Benefits - Innovation, Plan Design and Consultation

We work closely with companies to determine if their existing Executive Benefits are competitive and help them enhance, innovate, and bring additional value to executives and employees.

Specialty Design of Income Protection Plans

An organization's greatest asset is its workforce. We work with law firms, hospitals, and businesses to identify possible risk exposure and unintended adverse effects for highly compensated executives, doctors, and key personnel and provide solutions to equalize imbalances. By looking at the culture and blueprint of a company we are able to determine if the income protection coverage meets the needs of the executive.

Long-Term Care Plans and Solutions

We help our clients understand Long Term Care needs and how best to address them in their overall financial planning.

Insurance (Life, Disability, and Long Term Care)

Insurance is an effective tool to accomplish the client’s goals for protecting their family, assets, and retirement needs. Life insurance has many unique characteristics that may make it an appropriate solution for a variety of uses in addition to just a death benefit.

Insurance Consulting

By using our analytical skills to solve practical business problems we help clients avoid potential major losses, enhance their returns, and help them meet strategic objectives.

Philantrophic Mentoring

We work with clients to help them identify and maximize their gifts from a holistic approach to overall legacy and financial planning.